Cutting of the Cake

by Mary O'Bryan on May 15, 2013

Loved the whole day. Bride and Groom cut the cake before the ceremony began. No one was around. It became a private moment. They even ate some. We got the picture. This was a major victory for tradition paid for with 3 hours of my time picking up an out of town bridesmaid at the airport as a favor to Bride.


Too Busy To Blog

by Mary O'Bryan on May 14, 2013

NEVER too busy to blog! The DAY is here. The dress needs to be taken to the venue. I am worried about that transport so I will do it myself. Ice (for the drinks) and gas (for the six wheeler) ┬áneeds to be taken to the ranch. Remember, Bride is not having a Bridesmaid’s luncheon but a skeet shoot and BBQ. Oh, yeah, and the crystal champagne glasses, plastic cake topper, silver cake knife, my mother’s lace tablecloth from her wedding reception, Blue Bell Ice Cream paper hats; all need to be taken to the venue at 8:30 am. I’m sure I have forgotten something.

A flawless rehearsal yesterday except that someone had taken the car keys of the Groom and he couldn’t get there till they were returned. Our town is so small that it only took 5 minutes to take him the keys. The Officiant reminded us that no wedding has ever been flawless. That what goes wrong will be the thing we will laugh about in the years ahead. The Wedding Planner reminded us to focus on the couple…well, she really said to focus on the Bride! The 3 year old flower girl (my first grandchild) made everyone laugh as she came down the aisle, her tutu slipping way below the waist, tossing petals, and saying “Hook em Horns” at the end of it all. My daughter -in-law bribed her with unlimited Blue Bell Ice Cream at the reception if she could make Mamalu (me) laugh by saying it. It worked!

It is too early to start cryng now. This is being typed at 3:03am. I am crying. It has been a wonderful life. I have so much to be thankful for. Father of the Bride is my best friend and I can truly see that Bride and Groom have what it takes to achieve that everlasting love. They come from STRONG families and that was demonstrated and toasted about at the rehearsal dinner. Thank you for coming along with me on this journey.


Spanish King

May 7, 2013

Three years ago while on a cruise we visited a huge Spanish castle. The father had preserved each of his daughter’s wedding bouquets and they were displayed in glass domes. I fell in love with the idea and just remembered it the other day. Found the scrapbook with the picture and did a Google search. […]

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Four Moms and a Wedding

May 2, 2013

Father of the Bride has a theory that women can talk forever about weddings. It almost happened yesterday when I asked a group of ladies for last minute advice. “What happened at your child’s wedding!” I loved it! I could have stayed and talked into the night with those women. Such wisdom. Such experience. Such […]

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Cutting Cake vs Dipping Ice Cream

April 30, 2013

Instead of a Groom’s cake we have opted for Blue Bell Ice Cream. What I really wanted to do has become a reality. I wanted a Blue Bell dip station with the logo on the front. Priceless. It will be delivered to the tent and plugged in that afternoon. BBHMV (homemade vanilla) is the top […]

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Let Them Eat Cake

April 27, 2013

News Flash! We are having a wedding cake and the Bride and Groom are possibly going to ‘cut the cake’. We are currently in negotiations. I have offered 3 hours of my precious time in exchange for them cutting the cake with my mother-in-law’s silver pistol handled knife. Yes, I did not THINK that the […]

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April 21, 2013

Woke up this morning with one thought on my mind…I can finally get the 10 day weather forecast on my Iphone. Do you think I am obsessing? At my cut and color appointment this morning my hairdresser told me that my friends are worried about what will happen to me after the wedding. They think […]

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Sip and See

April 14, 2013

Be forewarned. Our daughters do not know about ‘sip and see’. I wanted to display all of the beautiful wedding gifts on the dining room table like my mother did in the 70’s. Bride and Groom came home the other weekend, opened gifts and packed them into her car before I even got to see […]

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The Hankie

April 7, 2013

When my first born son was infant baptized in the Lutheran Church he wore a precious cap that was a handkerchief. It was a gift from a dear family in our small town. The cap was saved and worn by my granddaughter at her infant baptizm in the Presbyterian Church. Her mom had it framed […]

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First Responders

April 1, 2013

(Talked to a bride this week that was ubber efficient in mailing out her invitations. She put the reply card into the reply envelope and sealed it! OOPS! That makes a ‘lack of a stamp on the reply envelope’ seem almost minor.) On Monday we had to decide what to do about the 72 non-responders. […]

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