What Are Her Colors?

by Mary O'Bryan on December 2, 2010

The dreaded question was bound to be asked. What are her colors? Her eyes are green and her hair is blonde, but what are her colors? Why have I always dreaded that question? It may be because I was not raised in a small town but in the city. (?) No one in the city, or in my circle, talks about colors…or do they?

Fortunately the Bride chose black and white for her colors. Whew! But there is more. You have to have some sort of an accent color even if you want black and white. So, she chose a light green. I would describe it as a Martha Stewart green. The kind of green that the spider mums at HEB come in. Or the color of the green roses that are at HEB. Remember, I live in a small town. Anything that can be purchased at HEB is in my book.

What does that mean if her colors are black and white? Bridesmaids’ dresses will be short, black, cocktail length, but not slutty (those are the Bride’s words, not mine). Mother of the Bride and Groom will be in black. Tuxes will be black. Tablecloths will be white. But, I have just been informed by the wedding planner that not all of the tablecloths should be white, but that is another story.

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