Weight Loss

by Mary O'Bryan on October 13, 2010

I didn’t really want to talk about this because it is so embarrassing. But I realize that for all Mothers of the Bride is becomes a huge (pardon the pun) issue. We can either ignore that our fat body will be stuffed into an expensive dress that is way too tight or we can do something about it. I tried the Boot Camp route. My weight is a little more complicated than that. I have always worked out. How else could I justify my cable bill that provides a DVR on every TV so I can record all my favorites and view them so I don’t get bored on the treadmill. My favorite workout shows will have to be another blog.

Went to a specialist in natural hormones after suffering the incredibly difficult time of Menopause. Several young women I knew were going to her. It was a good drive from my small town. I got lost. The appointment person had goofed when she told me to be there at 11am. My appointment was for 1pm! Instead of rushing my first  appointment I suggested that I come back at 1. I was meeting a dear friend for lunch that lived near. She was sweet enough to meet me in front of Target because I got lost AGAIN going to the restaurant and was in tears and frustrated at my GPS…do you think I need some type of hormone therapy!

Finally, after blood was drawn the doctor come into the room and explained all about the hormone creams she would prescribe for me. Then she leaned forward and said, “You really need to lose 20 pounds.” She said it very matter of factly. She had no idea that as I had driven to the appointment I had wished, prayed, told myself: “I hope she tells me I am diabetic and that I can’t eat sweets ever again”. My stomach bothered me so much that I was considering Lipo! Crazy? Yes. That’s menopause for you. But I did NOT want to enter my 60’s FAT.

The doctor gave me a sheet with the diet instructions and the prescription for HcG hormone shots that I would be giving to myself for the next 40 days. Yes, this is embarrassing, but I will keep you posted.

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