Two Conversations

by Mary O'Bryan on October 28, 2010

During my travels this week I encountered two conversations about Mother of the Bride. The first one seemed almost tragic. She had raised her girls to be very independent so it didn’t really surprise her when the first daughter eloped. But when the second daughter got engaged she told her mom not to worry about the wedding because she had already hired a wedding planner and was going to plan it without her. The daughter didn’t want to ‘bother’ the mom with all that wedding stuff. Of course  Mother of the Bride was at a loss at to what to say. Mom was the perfect age to plan a wedding. She had the time and the experience. Her daughter was robbing her of the joy of planning the most expensive day of her life. All the mother’s friends felt sorry for her. I just kept wondering why she didn’t speak up and tell her daughter how she felt. And, no, the daughter was not paying for the wedding.

The second conversation was with a mother whose daughter has been living with a boyfriend for several years and is afraid to get married because of all the wedding planning. I gently suggested that the MOM plan the wedding. Hire a wedding planner that will keep you on track. The mother thought it was a brilliant idea. Maybe she had never thought she was capable of planning it.  I don’t really know. What I do know is that Mother of the Bride needs to take back her rightful position as planner of the wedding. Quit letting these girls think and act like they are in charge of spending our money.

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