Trousseau/Peignoir Set

by Mary O'Bryan on April 28, 2011

These words will date me. I remember my trousseau. A set of monogrammed towels was purchased with some sort of payment plan from a salesman while I was living in the sorority house. The blue towels were eventually used as rags and a mat for the dog.

My mother took me to Everitt Buelow to buy four polyester pantsuits to wear to my job as a special ed teacher in the city. I had to wear one of the suits twice in the week and a teacher felt so sorry for me that one day she slipped me a vintage Neiman Marcus bag and in it was a scarf to spruce up my outfits. I never confessed to her that my husband was a law school student at the private university.

My parents also bought me the going away outfit that I still have. But the best part of the trousseau was the one year medical guarantee that they gave to my husband pledging to pay my medical bills for the first year of marriage.

My mother-in-law had owned a dress shop in our small town but sold it the year before; thinking that her sons would never find wives. She had lots of friends in the business and took me to the neighboring town to shop for clothes before the wedding. Awkward!!! Shopping with my fashionable mother-in-law to be when I was not a clothes horse. The only outfit I remember from that day was the one I wore to the Bridesmaid’s Luncheon. It revealed my midriff and pictures prove I was not the only one showing skin in the 70’s.

My peignoir set was all white, of course. You asked, “What is a peignoir?” It is a fancy gown and robe to be worn on the honeymoon usually bought for a big price at Neimans or Sakowitz. One friend of mine turned her’s into a ravishing baby christening blanket for her grandchildren after it hung in her closet for 34 years.

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