The Tent

by Mary O'Bryan on August 11, 2011

I wanted to title this “Blame Beth Moore” but figured that only a Baptist would know what I was referring to. Beth Moore is the leading lady of in-depth Bible study for Baptist women, of which I now am one. I am currently in her Tabernacle study for the second time. The first time was 10 years ago. Beth has redone the study and published it again.

What does this have to do with a wedding? Everything. In a small town, the only way to accommodate large numbers of people is to put them in a tent. I promise this is not like any tent you have ever slept in at Yosemite. This is a tent like the Tabernacle in the Old Testament. Everything in the Tabernacle was dictated by God to the people. And everything was magnificent. No, God has not dictated anything to me about the tent for this wedding but if He were to dictate anything to me about this wedding tent I think it would be that the tent needs to be magnificent. It needs to be big enough to hold all the guests in case of rain. It needs to have light. It needs to have a ‘wow’ factor or two. It needs to have a dance floor. It needs places for tired guests to sit after they have danced. It needs tables to place food and drink onto.

So when I am trying to justify to the Father of the Bride the three chandeliers coming down from a lighted, draped ceiling, I can blame Beth Moore. Can’t I?

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