The Ring

by Mary O'Bryan on February 24, 2011

I remember when I got engaged in the 70’s. Engagement rings were very much in vogue with my circle of friends in the sorority. Everyone wanted to have one on their finger before graduation. I succeeded! We went as a couple to pick it out. I should have sent him with his mother. My mother in law loves big, expensive, real jewels. When she saw what we settled on I knew that she thought it should have been twice the size. I have grown to love her and have upgraded my wedding set every ten years. Same husband, three different settings. I am now into big emeralds!

My advice to my son when he got engaged was to let his bride pick it out but to get the absolute biggest diamond you can. He listened and she was very happy about it.

My daughter needs no one to advise her on this. She has seen the size of diamonds on each hand in the family and the groom purchased a ring that is definitely worthy of Bride’s hand. Perfect in every way. Elegant. Simple. Flawless. The only one to comment was my mother in law. She reminded Bride to make sure and get two diamond ring guards instead on one.

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