The Hankie

by Mary O'Bryan on April 7, 2013

When my first born son was infant baptized in the Lutheran Church he wore a precious cap that was a handkerchief. It was a gift from a dear family in our small town. The cap was saved and worn by my granddaughter at her infant baptizm in the Presbyterian Church. Her mom had it framed in a shadow box and when she gets married it will be snipped apart and worn on her wedding day.

My daughter-in-law had a handkerchief folded into the shape of a butterfly and tastefully inserted into her wedding bouquet. It had been carried by her mother on her wedding day.

When a handkerchief arrived as a gift for the Bride from her Godmother, she was baffled. she had no idea what to do with it. All I could think was that it was like the garter; something people used to do and didn’t really know why. I made a phone call and had a great discussion with the Godmother.

The Godmother had been asked by her future Mother-in-law to carry a handkerchief that had been worn by the first daughter-in-law (that is not longer in the family). This story may start to ramble. I was driving as she was telling it to me and probably a little distracted. She ended up pinning a hankie from her own mother into the inside of her dress and has kept it all these years for her daughters but can’t seem to remember where she put it…BUT wanted Bride to have one to start the tradition.

I will not count on Bride pinning this inside the dress. Instead I will get it to the florist and see if it can be used around the handle of the bouquet where the Bride can’t see it. Since Bride is not throwing the bouquet, I can be sure that the hankie stays in the family. I will probably have to store it for her and bring it out when her daughter gets baptized or married.

Traditions can be a lot of trouble!

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