The Fitting

by Mary O'Bryan on August 4, 2011

What a fun day. The dress arrived in the store. We picked it up and took it to the Alteration Lady (hereto referred to as A Lady). I had invited the ceremony officiant’s wife to go with us because this dress has a built-in bustier that someone, not me, will need to lace up before the dress is zipped up. She is the perfect one to do it because of her closeness to the bride and her vast wedding gitters experience.

Typical fears come right before trying on a dress that has been ordered weeks ago. Will it be as magnificent as we remembered it to be? Yes, it was.

We learned so much from  A Lady. Bustier vs corset, bustle vs French bustle, ‘S’ Diva, belt… A lady has worked with many brides and models. She LOVES her brides and wants to instill in them a sense of ‘Diva’ by helping them to pose using the ‘S’model. Put your right hand on your hip. Point your left leg out and bend the knee so that it creases the dress at an angle. Tilt the head. Smile big.

She will be attaching a belt to the bustier (inside the dress) to hold the strapless dress in place. She will also make all the additions for a bustle. Every measurement takes into account if there will be dancing at the reception. There WILL be dancing at the reception. Lots of dancing.

Shoes fit and are comfortable. They still need to be dyed. Earrings are bought and look great. Hairstyle is still undecided. A Lady insists that the Bride wear it up. Everything is still fluid. Eight weeks to go.

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