THE Dress

by Mary O'Bryan on January 13, 2011

My advice on THE dress, the Bride’s dress, is to try and get someone else to pay for it!

My paternal grandmother always had special gifts for her grandchildren when they got married. The older cousins had their choice of a silver tea service or 12 place settings of their  silver flatware. As grandchild #14, the price of silver was on the rise. Instead of ALL my silver flatware, she gave me five place settings of Old Master by Towle.

I called my mother to discuss what she would like to give to the Bride as a wedding gift. I had to explain about this generation and their disdain for certain material items like china and silver.

Mother loved the idea of giving the Bride a gift. When I suggested that she pay for the Bride’s Wedding Dress, she accepted. Whew! I know who is going to be the happiest about that gift…Father of the Bride.

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