THE Dress, Part 2

by Mary O'Bryan on January 20, 2011

Bride made appointments at three different boutiques in the city. Mother of the Bride arrived early with homemade sandwiches and a cooler of diet cokes. I knew this would be a long day.

The first dress at the first store was THE ONE…we thought. They even had a deal to make with us. If we paid cash today we got a big discount.

We went to the appointment #2. the little boutique was freezing cold. No dress was better than THE ONE we had already found.

We went to appointment #3. A very unique shop that the Groom had recommended. Bride slipped on the chosen dresses. Something happened when she was corseted into the second dress. Tears came to my eyes. Then tears came into Bride’s eyes. It was pretty obvious that when everyone is crying, you have found THE Dress. The salesclerk brought out champagne to celebrate. I don’t think they do that in small towns, but they should.

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