The Budget

by Mary O'Bryan on April 21, 2011

Yes, I consider ‘budget’ to be a four letter word…MEAN! Father of the Bride insists that we have a budget. The number will be undisclosed to the public. we will refer to it as The Number.

One Saturday┬áI sat down and added up all the items for the wedding. It was exactly The Number. OOPS! I had forgotten about the caterer. We hadn’t hired one yet, so that was not in my figures. And the caterer includes food, drink, plates, glasses, pitchers, silverware. Just about everything you need to have a good party.

I had several choices: Keep it a secret that we were going over budget. Use separate property. Or figure a way to cut back on costs. It is hard to keep a secret from Father of the Bride. He keeps snooping in my wedding notebook. So, I opted to try and stay within the budget.

Did you know that rental chairs cost $2 or $8? We have now switched to the $2 chairs. Economizing!!!

The big way to cut back is to cut the guest list. So, if you are reading this blog and are one of the 96 people that we just cut from the list, please forgive me. It is not my fault. Blame The Number.

We are using a yellow school but to transport out of town guests. (Remember, most of them are Yankees and they probably won’t notice the difference unless it is a really hot day.) The Porto-potties will not be the super luxurious ones. And the Bride and Groom will exit the reception in their own car. More cuts to come…

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