Super Wrinkled or Stained

by Mary O'Bryan on September 8, 2011

I have had such a bad 24 hours with this wedding planning that the B.O.B. (brother of the Bride) has given me permission to blog about him today so I can get my mind off of all the things that are going wrong. That is why one blogs waaaay after the fact: when you can laugh about it. I am NOT laughing right now so maybe this story about the B.O.B. will help me to lighten up.

B.O.B had an event in L.A. last week. He was a volunteer escort for a celebrity to a formal event. He forgot his tie and found himself in the swanky part of Beverly Hills so he zipped into Sak’s Fifth Avenue and buys a red tie. $70. Wears it to the event.

We are on the phone talking and he mentions that he is going to return the tie and would I want a credit at Sak’s and just pay him the cash? As his mother, I politely told him that the tie can’t be returned if he wore it. He disagreed. Why argue with a 24 year old?

He called this morning about his trip to Sak’s and the adventure of trying to return the tie that he had purchased, but didn’t really need. The salesclerk asked why he was returning the tie and he told her…the truth! She said that it could not be returned if it had been worn. (Those were also my exact words when he mentioned to me that he would be returning the tie) He insisted that it wasn’t ‘super wrinkled or stained’ and that it could be resold to someone that wanted it. Then he went on to argue with her that he only wore it once because he had forgotten his own tie at the hotel. AND told her that he could have just come in there and lied but told her the truth. She pointed out that the tie he returned looked different than the new tie with the tag still on it. He couldn’t see any difference.

In the meantime, she went to get a supervisor to see if they could make an exception. While she was away, he switched the ties. The supervisor and clerk returned and said they were sorry but they couldn’t give him a refund. The clerk handed him what she thought was his used tie and was very polite and hoped he would shop at Sak’s again. My son told her that she had given him the wrong tie and she argued that “No, that is the tie you brought in”. He continued to point out that even she and the supervisor couldn’t tell the difference between the used tie and the new tie.

Honestly, my son is a retail novice. He had no idea that the tie couldn’t be returned. He has seen the Bride return items all her life. He had no clue that she bought things, hung them in the closet with the tags on and never wore them. Or if she did slip them on for a moment, she NEVER cut the tags off! His comment to that: “Why would anyone buy anything and not just immediately cut the tags off and wear it?” He has a lot to learn about women.

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