Strong Willed Child

by Mary O'Bryan on August 21, 2010

We knew she was in love. We knew that he was a keeper. He could cook! and loved to create meals for her. Long before they got engaged she posed the question to me that put a cloud over the day.

“Would you and dad mind if we got married in the City?”

We knew that question would probably surface. We had heard it to be THE question asked by the young adults in our small town.  Most of our friends were caught off guard. They had not mentally prepared to take a stand about the most important day of their lives. (If not the most important day, at least the most expensive day.) I had already rehearsed my answer. I took a deep breath. “Honey, you are an adult and you can get married wherever you want…(pause) But if your father and I host a wedding and a reception it will be in our small town.” My husband grew up here and I gave birth to all three of my children here. We raised them in a small town for a reason. Why would we agree to host a wedding in the City?

Bride has always been strong willed. One can imagine her reaction to the realization that HER wedding would be in this Podunk town. She seemed totally defeated.  She pivoted and ran up the stairs for the night without responding verbally to my comment. I will leave the rest of that scene to your imagination.

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