Spanish King

by Mary O'Bryan on May 7, 2013

Three years ago while on a cruise we visited a huge Spanish castle. The father had preserved each of his daughter’s wedding bouquets and they were displayed in glass domes. I fell in love with the idea and just remembered it the other day. Found the scrapbook with the picture and did a Google search. In the city is a company that freeze dries the bouquet and somehow places it in a dome just like the one in the castle.

Since I was making a trip to the airport this week, I thougth I would swing by and take a look to see if it matches my memory. and guess what happens? In the mail today was a postcard from a local company in our small town telling me about their flower preservation service. Gave them a call and she assures me that her method looks better. Checked it out the next day and it was just what I had pictured. She will come to the reception and retrieve the bouquet after the Bride and Groom depart. Now that is small town service at it’s best.

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