Small Town Wedding Options

by Mary O'Bryan on September 16, 2010

Bride had hoped to be married in the city. She had been living there and that was where she met Groom. It took her about 24 hours to come to her senses and accept the offer of her parents paying for the wedding and reception IF it was held in our small town. The next step was for her to come home and look at the wedding venue options.

It was a rainy day as the wedding planner drove us all around the county surveying our options. I had known the wedding planner for years and knew that she would be the one hired to orchestrate our wedding. Mud seemed to be everywhere and at every venue that we viewed. No air conditioning? No paved parking? One place did not even have a paved road to the reception site. Bride was comparing each site to the Four Seasons Hotel in the City. I could see her in the rear view mirror and noticed that tears  were  beginning to form in her eyes.

The churches were another story.  Too small, too big, too hot, too far away. Required marriage counseling from a divorced pastor? A stranger must officiate? A woman pastor? Not on your life. Even my liberal daughter couldn’t handle that. Bride was determined to have a family friend that is a pastor have the honors. Decisions are put off until they are officially engaged…engagement purgatory continues.

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