Sip and See

by Mary O'Bryan on April 14, 2013

Be forewarned. Our daughters do not know about ‘sip and see’.

I wanted to display all of the beautiful wedding gifts on the dining room table like my mother did in the 70’s. Bride and Groom came home the other weekend, opened gifts and packed them into her car before I even got to see the gifts. I was appalled. How did she think I was going to have a ‘sip and see’ if she took all the gifts to her apartment in the city? Ooops. I had never taught her about that tradition. She couldn’t believe that it existed. She had never been invited to a ‘sit and see’. And now the Bride has an additional burden. Stores are requiring a 30 day limit on returns and exchanges. When something arrive broken, it must be exchanged within 30 days. Bummer. Yes, the Carlton House is closed. And so it Arp’s.

I have managed to open and retain about 9 gifts for my dining table, adding to the display with pictures from my parents’ and my husband’s parents’ wedding receptions. My father-in-law said that wedding dresses weren’t available to buy in 1947. My mother said that in 1946 her mother had her wedding dress made to fit the larger younger sister and taken in for my mom’s wedding. The picture has the double ring cake with half chocolate and half vanilla. The tablecloth under the cake is now in my possession. I think that I must be the one in the family that really likes history and hand-me-downs.

My mother said that when she got married, her mother-in-law packed up most of the gifts and she saw them for the first time after her first child was born and she and my dad came back to the city after graduate school.

Hopefully many of the guests coming will bring their gifts to the reception so I get to open them during the ┬áBride and Groom’s honeymoon so I can display them for the ‘sip and see’.

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