Second Fight

by Mary O'Bryan on April 6, 2011

First Fight was about the Bridal Registry. I knew I was right. She HAD to register for gifts and her creativity took over and they registered not only for gifts but for their Honeymoon. People could buy them a dinner, a massage, a night at the Ritz. Smart girl. I knew I was right.

Second fight was a different matter: The Wedding Cake. The problem stems back to my wedding memories. Father of the Bride and I selected our wedding cake together at Handy Andy. It was such a delight to pick our cake and everything associated with it. In the olden day, that was the only thing that we were allowed to have any input.

I was appalled that Bride did not seem to care about the cake! She didn’t want a Wedding cake or a grooms cake. In our small town, the cake is the center of everyone’s attention at the reception. I realized that I cared more about the cake than the Bride did.

(I am not going into the details of our fight but let me just say…it was ugly!      No, I was ugly!)

Then the latest issue of Texas Live Magazine arrives and what is the new cake? NO Cake is the New Cake!  A Dessert Bar has replaced the cake. That is exactly what Bride and Groom want. The cake tasting will be a tasting of various desserts. I recently attended weddings with a catfish grooms cake and one with a Copenhagen chewing tobacco can cake. A dessert bar sounds like a great alternative.

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