Pledge Line or My Parents Love Story-1943

by Mary O'Bryan on August 26, 2010

My mother pledged our sorority at a large state university. The same sorority that my grandmother, two aunts, I and my sister pledged. The next day the pledges (freshmen sorority members) dressed in evening gowns and lined up inside the sorority house to wait for the fraternity men to come visit. She described it as “cows being studied”. The pledges were not allowed to date during the next two weeks except with men that were chosen for them by the sorority. Each pledge was given a chart that told who their dates were to be each night and what fraternity they were representing. My father (a senior) had requested a date with her through a fraternity brother that was pinned (going steady) to one of her sorority sisters. After their first blind date, my father invited her to his hometown to a college football game. He drove her the three hours to the game making her sit in the middle next to him because my future Godfather sat in the front seat instead of in the back. It rained during the game so everyone got soaked and looked terrible. His parents hosted the after party.¬† One of her friends kept whispering into her ear, “They are looking you over!”. Very soon after that night my father wrote his sister to tell her that he had found the girl he was going to marry. My mother has that letter today!

When WWII broke, my father joined the Navy. He told my mother goodbye four times. First when he left for training in Chicago, then Rhode Island, then Louisiana  for PT boat training and lastly overseas. He came home safely and they married at the end of the war. I guess they really were looking her over!

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