Non-traditional Traditional Wedding

by Mary O'Bryan on February 17, 2011

Sometimes it is best to describe something by describing what it is NOT. This is just a short list of what is NOT going to happen concerning this wedding. No silver pattern. No crystal pattern. No china that I would recognize as china. No Bridal showers. No bridesmaid’s luncheon. No bachelor party. No printed wedding program. No wedding book. No escorting of the mothers down the aisle. No separation of Bride and Groom the day of the wedding. No soloists. No three stringed orchestra at the wedding ceremony. No classical (as in Bach) music at the wedding ceremony. No unity candle. No videography. No cutting of the cake at the reception. No wedding cake. No throwing of the bouquet. No garter. No going away outfit. No early exit from the reception by the newly married  couple. But plans are still fluid…

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