No Tissue, Please

by Mary O'Bryan on June 30, 2011

I always wondered what was with the tissue in wedding invitations. So I asked. It dates back to the time when all invitations were engraved with a plate. The tissue was placed between each invitation so the ink would not smear. The tissue was properly removed before the invitations were delivered. Possibly delivered by hand!

One day, a young lady forgot to remove the tissues before delivering them and from that day on, everyone left the tissue in place. She was probably a prominent person in a small town that no one wanted to cross by telling her she did it wrong; so they all swiftly copied her lead.

Since we are questioning all traditions as we embark on this journey, I felt it only right to expose this one little tradition that is based on a mistake.

I have opted to use a gummed inner envelope instead of a gummed outer envelope. In other word, the wedding invitation will only come in one envelope (with no tissue, please).

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