My Final Goal Is Met

by Mary O'Bryan on July 7, 2011

It took about 43 days to hit my final goal. The last week was torture. Every morning the scale would say the same thing. One pound to go…One pound to go…One pound to go. Finally the last pound went and I was ready for the 21 day “no starch, no sugars” that will begin to reset my metabolism. No more breadsticks but at least I get to start having an egg for breakfast. I pierce two fish oil tablets with an ice-pick and squeeze the oil into the pan for my scrambled egg. I am slowly adding more fat to my diet and more protein. Be the end of the 21 days I should more than triple my caloric intake without gaining weight. Monitoring it carefully by weighing each morning and reading blogs about HCG maintenance.

My workout is much easier without the 33 pounds that I was carrying. ALL my clothes look better. My feet don’t hurt when I am in fancy shoes. Pants are comfortable and not hurting my tummy anymore. I have been getting some pants and jeans altered to fit better. As long as I wear clothes that fit, no one really notices that I have lost weight. Maybe they didn’t notice how fat I had become. But I knew. I am putting some strategies in place so that I will NOT gain it back.

One is to weigh every day, regardless of what I ate the day before. Write down the weight and announce to husband if I am under goal or at goal. Today I am AT goal. I prefer to be under goal. So, I am really being careful today. And we will be eating out at lunch and at dinner. Still on the “no starch, no sugar” 21 day deal so that makes it easier to be careful.

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