Mother of the Bride Dress

by Mary O'Bryan on December 23, 2010

I remember when my son got married. I was in a panic about my dress. What is the mother of the bride wearing so I can pick out my dress… and now it is my turn. I get to pick whatever I want and then ‘inform’ everyone as to my choice.

I spent two full days at the city mall. Brought home several dresses and had several more overnight-ed to me. The dresses I tried on ranged in cost from $139. to $2400. It didn’t seem to matter what the cost of the dress. All that mattered to me was that it zipped up.

I packed the dresses into a suitcase and headed to the Brides apartment. I really wanted her approval and fortunately she liked the one that I liked. Knowing that her future mother in law had spent months searching for a dress when her oldest got married, I was glad that I could give her plenty of time to get one for son #2’s wedding. And because of my weight loss I will wait until one month before the wedding to get it altered.

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