Let Them Eat Cake

by Mary O'Bryan on April 27, 2013

News Flash! We are having a wedding cake and the Bride and Groom are possibly going to ‘cut the cake’. We are currently in negotiations. I have offered 3 hours of my precious time in exchange for them cutting the cake with my mother-in-law’s silver pistol handled knife. Yes, I did not THINK that the cake or the cutting of the cake was that important to me. But as we get closer to the Big Day tradition just seems to be on my mind.

I have the lace table cloth that was on the table at my parents wedding reception. It will be delivered to the venue that morning to be used for my daughter’s wedding and hopefully passed down for her daughter to use. We have the pictures showing the tablecloth and my parents cutting the cake.

Who would believe it? When you put on a wedding you actually get free food from vendors that compete for your business. It is the most wonderful part of hosting a wedding. I have already talked about on dessert tasting (Tasty Kidnapping). The second dessert tasting resulted in the hiring of our local bakery to do the cake and dessert bar. I also have asked them to make little place cards to label the items. We are having lemon squares, pecan bars, German chocolate chip cookies and cake.

The 4 tiered tuxedo chocolate cake will have chocolate mousse icing between the layers. The cake will be torted which means 4 layers for each tier. I really only eat icing, so this way I get triple the mousse icing. (Go ahead you math people and tell me I am wrong!) It will be a white butter-cream frosting…not too smooth of a finish and topped off by the vintage bride and groom plastic cake topper. Bride has custom painted the groom to match the Irish red headed Groom that she is marrying. The florist will decorate the cake with fresh flowers.

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