Invitation Decisions

by Mary O'Bryan on July 21, 2011

I went to the city to pick up the envelopes. Instead of the envelopes being ready, everything was ready. I wasn’t expecting that and my stomach began to do flips. I refused to open the box and had the helper load it into the car.

Back in their office she had one copy of everything for me to see. I glanced at it and told her I really wanted to just pay for it and look at the invitations in the privacy of my home. I explained to her how nervous this made me after all of the proof reading that we did. Got out my MasterCard and charged it. Might as well get airmails! And asked to meet the printer from the back room that I had been emailing for 4 straight weeks.

He seemed nervous. Probably not that many customers want to meet the person that actually runs the presses.

Finally made it back to my home in the country. Opened the box. Took out the invitations and all the extra stuff. It all looked perfect.

Now I have to decide on stamps. Lots to pick from. Each reply envelope needs a stamp. Each outer envelope needs a stamp; but that stamp can’t be determined until the post office weighs the entire invitation. Everything must be stuffed. Final decisions on the guest list have to be made. Post offi

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