Holding a Grudge

by Mary O'Bryan on July 28, 2011

Sometimes it helps to hold a grudge. It can protect you from further hurt.

My grudge against a hand caligraphied  wedding program began on a summer afternoon. I was attending a wedding by myself because my husband was at the bachelor party of our son: a fishing trip to the coast.

The wedding was lovely. The program I had a fight with was outstanding and tied with a pretty bow. But as I walked out to the parking lot to head for the reception, raindrops began to fall. I was still holding the program and noticed that the letters were blurred. Apparently it was hand calligraphy in India ink. Remember that really black ink. Indelible ink. The black, indelible ink was now on my really, really nice wedding suit. It was the perfect wedding suit for a summer wedding.

I braved the reception with a giant blob of black on my skirt. A secret I had learned years ago was that everyone will be thinking of how THEY look and no one will notice what I am wearing. It worked. No one noticed.

Took the skirt to the cleaners. The black, indelible ink did NOT come out. The suit was bottomless (or skirtless) and therefore useless.

My grudge against wedding programs exists to this day. I’m glad the Bride is not going to have one. Her reasoning…if they don’t know who I am or who my friends are they should just ask.

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