HCG Steak and Apple Day

by Mary O'Bryan on February 3, 2011

I knew it would happen. I knew that eventually I would be more that 2 pounds over the achieved weight. On day 2 of maintenance I was 2.5 pounds over my goal weight which meant that I had to do the Steak and Apple Day. The HCG diet is very specific about this. I don’t know the science behind it but it worked for me. I spent the day only having water, water, water. It wasn’t that hard. I had my daily diet coke. Dinner time rolled around and I grilled the most beautiful Ribeye Steak with lots of marbling. Ate it, ate it, and ate it till I really couldn’t eat anymore. An hour later I had an apple. Woke up the next morning and I had dropped 2 pounds which put me within .5 of my goal.

Maybe it is the psychological factor of knowing that you don’t want to do that day again, but whatever it is, I have not gone up that far as of yet. In fact I am much happier just being a tad under my goal weight so I don’t live in fear of a Steak and Apple Day!

As I write this I am on day 13 out of 21 of maintenance and not eating starches or sweets. At the end of the 21 day (three weeks) my metabolism should be reset and I will be able to maintain the weight with good habits and regular exercise. I will keep you posted.

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