HCG Second Round

by Mary O'Bryan on March 10, 2011

I have kept the 24 pounds off for over two months and would like to drop the last ten pounds to be at my perfect weight. My reasoning for this is that if I have to maintain a weight why not maintain my perfect weight instead of a size that still gives me the muffin top in jeans? The hard part is loosing the weight. The easier part is maintaining the weight loss. NOTE: I did not say the EASY part.

Had my doctor’s appointment for a review of my hormone creams. Made the appointment the day before we were to leave on our annual Christmas ski trip. Against every one’s advice I decided to diet over the holiday.

Received a dreaded call from the doctor’s office that her kids were sick and I would have to be rescheduled unless I was willing to see her associate. I was psyched up to start the diet again and decided to take my chances with the other doctor that I had never met. To my dismay, the nurse that took my vitals was overweight and the ‘new’ doctor was overweight. I was afraid they wouldn’t understand my desire to obtain my perfect weight. People have a tendency to accuse others of anorexia or something ┬áif they are thin. I look thin because I hide my fat tummy from view! Yeah. I know how to dress.

The doctor looked at my chart, my height and weight agreed that I could loose 10 more pounds and gave me the prescriptions that I needed.

Now for the two days of HCG diet/gorging…starting with a chocolate Godiva bar at Dillards and moving on to the Shipley donuts for my drive home. Burger, tater tots, and chocolate shake for dinner. Breakfast at the airport. Butter finger ice-cream and cookies in Denver and by that time I can’t eat another thing.

Start the HCG diet and for the first 10 days I am on Christmas vacation. No scales to weigh my food. No scales to weigh my body. Had many cheats: Guacamole and chips, Rice Krispie Treats, Rack of Lamb…over all I was pretty compliant. Packed my lunch for the slopes everyday with sliced meat and veggies. Skipped the chocolate.

My reward: When we got back home and I stepped on the scales the next morning I had lost 4 pounds. Normally I gain about 6 pounds on a vacation like that. So my math tells me that I am 10 pounds ahead of the game. I survived a ski trip, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and traveling all on the HCG Diet! The next morning I had lost another half pound. I will probably have those last 10 pounds knocked off before the 40 days of the protocol.

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