HCG Maintanence-Two Months

by Mary O'Bryan on March 3, 2011

I have now maintained the goal weight for two months. Yes, I am eating. It has been shocking to me how much I am able to eat and still stay within 2 pounds of my goal weight. I have had popcorn at the movies. The first time I did that I had my usual small bag of buttered but it really made me a little sick. ┬áDon’t need to butter it anyway and most thin people probably don’t get butter on their popcorn.

Meals out have not been a problem. Instead of sliced turkey and tomatoes for lunch I am able to order chicken salad and fruit. The life change has been to not eat so many carbs. When I look at what I was eating before the HCG protocol it was carbs all day long. I used to start the day with cereal. Now I eat an orange and a scrambled egg. Much more satisfying and seems to stay with me longer.

Workouts must be important because I am doing them six days a week. Just my usual workout that I have done for the last 15 years. 20 minutes on the treadmill, 20 minutes on the stationary bike and then alternating days with free weights and ankle weights.

I am drinking only one diet Coke a day. THAT is a life change. Water, water, water. Really am spending less time and money worrying about where my next perfect diet Coke will come from.

I am able to drink a beer, a glass or two of wine, a nibble of appetizer or dessert without any weight gain. I am not sure how all this works, but they say your metablolism can change and it must be true. I also seem to be motivated to keep the weight off since my clothes now fit…the question seems to be: How did I ever gain so much weight? The answer…I didn’t weigh everyday and really had no idea that I was gaining. Now I religiously weigh and write down the weight on a tablet in my top drawer.

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