HCG Diet-Week Two

by Mary O'Bryan on November 10, 2010

Whoa. HCG diet seems to be working. But, I admit, I am desperate and willing to be 100% compliant. My clothes are all too tight. Last Christmas I had to buy bigger ski pants. Humiliating. But I had to figure out how to ‘eat out’ without always eating beforehand. And I hate telling anyone that I am on a diet. So, I don’t.

Restaurant #1 was a very upscale city restaurant. The lunch had been planned for 7 weeks so I really couldn’t plead: DIET.  Skipped the appetizer and ordered a fresh crab thing with lemon juice as my dressing. It was the perfect thing to order. There was some avocado mixed in but I saved face and remained compliant. Ate none of the bread but faked it by letting the waiter put it on my bread plate.

Restaurant #2 is a regular place that I go in my small town. I ordered 4 ounces of fish, grilled, no oil and sliced tomatoes. Period. I have since eaten there about 4 times and each time they are happy to oblige me. Went there at night and had another delicious fish with the fresh cooked spinach, no oil. Substituted the 5 o’clock apple for some wine.

Restaurant #3 was not as appetizing but it worked. Ordered 4 ounces of turkey lunch meat and brought my own cucumber for them to peel and slice. Really had to spell it out. The time before they put it all on a huge bed of lettuce and I don’t do lettuce! Weird me.

Restaurant #4 at night was Italian. Faked a fork to the salad that had cheese and dressing on it. Faked the homemade roll by tearing it into and then not eating it. Ate half of my fish dish and had them pack up the rest to take home. Had a glass of wine instead of my 5 o’clock apple.

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