HCG Diet-Week Five

by Mary O'Bryan on December 30, 2010

14 pounds…and a very social week. College roommate (who consistently remains thin because she is very careful about what she eats and works out daily!) came to stay for a few days for our local antique show. She brought her mom and a friend.  Lots of eating out. Ordered a shrimp poorboy and only ate the shrimp. Ordered fish and vegetable each night that we went out.

But here is where I failed miserably: I bought a small pint of Caramel Kettle Corn Ice Cream so my guests could have it one night. Who ended up eating the whole PINT? MOI! The next morning I had terrible stomach issues and was barely able to make it to the antique show. That night I confessed to my guests what had happened and we all had a good laugh about it. Lesson learned. Don’t buy things for company coming if it will tempt me to slip.

Dinner out with friends and the next night dinner and a play in the City. I am getting better at ordering. I have yet to be in a restaurant that can’t feed me and keep me on the HCG diet.

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