Groom’s Side, Bride’s Side

by Mary O'Bryan on September 29, 2011

When I attend a wedding I am usually greeted by an usher that asks the question, “Bride or groom’s side?” I always opt for the groom’s side no matter what my relationship is to the bride. It is very simple. I want to see the front of the bride and not her back. I like to sit in the closest pew to the front that has an aisle seat available. I always motion for my husband to enter the pew first because I want to sit on the aisle with nothing obstructing my view of the wedding party as they come down the aisle toward the altar. I will never scoot down the pew when someone comes to my row. Instead I will smile, turn my knees to one side and let them crawl over me. I was there first, on purpose.

How fun to be in charge of a wedding and sit where you want to sit. I am switching the sides! The traditional bride’s side will be the groom’s side. The traditional groom’s sided will be the bride’s side. I want to see Bride’s face. Not the back of their head. Bride didn’t care. She didn’t even know that sides existed at weddings.

I will also be sitting on the aisle seat. I will be sitting on the front row. I will save a place for my husband next to me my placing my purse there.

How will this be communicated to everyone? Not really sure. I have told Groom’s mother of my plan. She commented, “Well, the ushers will know where to seat everyone, so I can’t see that it will be a problem.” OOPS. We are not having ushers! I picture the family gathering inside the Mansion the day of the wedding. I picture a bell ringing to announce that it is now time to move outside for the private, family ceremony. I picture myself being the first one out the door and seated on the ‘wrong’ side. I picture grandchildren seating their grandparents in the correct rows. I picture it all going so smoothly.

But I also had pictured stamps on the reply envelopes and had NOT pictured giant smears from the stupid map cards to be all over the invitations.

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