Fussy Marriage

by Mary O'Bryan on March 31, 2011

How does one go about picking a spouse? Here is some advice from an octogenarian.

She had seen a fussy marriage and knew that she didn’t want one of those so she made a list of what she DID want: (In her words)

1) He must be close to my age. Her mother married a man much older and she was always ready to party but he was too tired.

2) He should be sports minded and athletic, like me.

3) He needs to be willing to do what I like to do then I will do what he likes to do. In other words go to a  baseball game for him then go to a museum for me. He could spend money on a hunting trip and I would spend the same amount on an antique.

“I had seen my parents fight and knew that it wasn’t the end of the world. But when we had our first fight I began to cry and ran out of the room. I then threatened to leave and go back home to my parents. His response was, ‘Go ahead’. I decided not to go back home to my parents but stayed and fought it out!”

“I also remember when the first baby was crying so much and I wanted to comfort him. My husband said to ‘sit down and let that baby cry. Soon that baby will be grown and gone and it will just be the two of us here. You are much more important to me than that baby’.”

So my question today is, “Why do all these kids move home to live with their parents? Or better yet, Why do parents let their kids move back home?”

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