Four Moms and a Wedding

by Mary O'Bryan on May 2, 2013

Father of the Bride has a theory that women can talk forever about weddings. It almost happened yesterday when I asked a group of ladies for last minute advice. “What happened at your child’s wedding!” I loved it! I could have stayed and talked into the night with those women. Such wisdom. Such experience. Such fun. All about what went wrong. Here is a summary:

Don’t count on that list that you gave to the photographer to actually be the pictures that are taken.

Don’t be horrified when you arrive at the reception and find out that the wine supply that you so carefully calculated is already consumed.

Don’t expect to eat any of the appetizers or the main dish but you will have leftover cake, for days and days and days and days and days and days.

Don’t buy new shoes that will cause blisters.

Don’t try to say hello to everyone at the church. You will see them again at the reception.

Don’t be surprised if your husband disappears to the balsony as you say hello to everyone at the church.

Don’t be surprised if your husband disappears during the wedding.

Don’t take all the flowers home. You will spend too much time tending to dead floweres. Give them away even if it kills you.

Don’t point out to anyone what was SUPPOSED to happen because they will never know the difference! Good advice.

Appoint someone to be in charge of how YOU look before the wedding or you may find yourself deleting a lot of photos taken with you in them. One mother was so busy trying to cope with unforseen problems (fired a soloist after realizing he did not know the song at the rehearsal and had to hold auditions the day of the wedding) that she failed to fix her own hair.

Do not deliver out of town gift bags to the hotel yourself. Delegate…delegate…delegate.

And Breathe-this WILL be fun!

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