Engagement Purgatory

by Mary O'Bryan on September 1, 2010

Engagement Purgatory began when we found out that Bride and Groom were getting married but it was not official. What does official me? NO RING? Who cares about a stupid ring. We need to start planning a wedding. But, no, we have to wait for Groom to save enough money to buy a diamond worthy of the Brides finger. She has no expectations but he is old school. So we wait and we wait and we wait. In the meantime, all of the best and proper wedding venues are being reserved by other people. I was sure of that.

Then Bride calls me to get the phone number of my wedding planner. Why do I have a wedding planner if they aren’t engaged? I have known that I would hire this wedding planner for the last 10 years. She is a lifelong family friend and so much fun. I reluctantly give her phone number to my daughter. Remember, I am the one that thinks Mother of the Bride should be in charge of the wedding. After a short discussion with my wedding planner, Bride is convinced that she must begin to plan for the wedding before a ring is on her finger. So, planning begins but she insists that no one can know that they are getting married except for vendors. Vendors? That is everyone in town. We know all the caterers, the florists, owners of the venues and motels. The print shop is down the street. We are members of the Country Club. Everyone is a vendor. This is truly engagement purgatory!

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