Decision Time

by Mary O'Bryan on September 23, 2010

The only venue that seems feasible for the reception is the local Mansion. The Historical Society restored and maintains it. And it is air-conditioned.

Bride and Groom made it clear from the beginning that the Mansion was NOT an option. It is too close to a gas station. (A gas station?) But after seeing every other place, the Mansion is beginning to look great. $1000. to have a night back in time. Small price to pay for local history. We just won’t tell anyone that the owner died in a carriage accident.

So the Mansion it is. The reception location is set. They willingly are saving two weekends for us until the final decision is made. Now for the church. A small historical church is our first choice but our favorite (unofficial) date has already been taken. I know that I can bribe the unknown couple for probably $500. and get them to give us the date. Everyone seems to think that is unethical. Church option #2 is uber historical. Famous people baptized there… the pastor is wonderful and he impressed the bride. She would like to take premarital counseling from him. Church option #3 would mean a woman pastor officiating. As liberal as the Bride is…she says, “no way”.

We are still waiting for Groom to talk to his parents about a date. Then we can move forward with a church selection.

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