by Mary O'Bryan on March 17, 2011

One day we are part of a church body and three weeks later we find ourselves churchless.

In small towns you are divided socially by the church you attend. It’s not a bad thing. When you have a death in the family it is your church family that makes the food and hosts the funeral. When you have a baby it is your church family that brings meals to the new mom. When your kids graduate from high school it is your church family that celebrates the accomplishment on Sunday morning by presenting them with a book of devotions. When your daughter gets married it is your church family that…Yes, I now have to rethink all of this because we are churchless.

How did it happen? We had been members for over 20 years. And in a small town that is a big accomplishment. I have always frowned on church hopping. Our loyalty to our church was deep, but not deep enough to remain members after we discovered the secret.

The church secret was put on our coffee table three weeks ago on a Monday night that I will never forget. We turned in our letter of resignation today. Now I just need to figure out how to deal with it in relation to the wedding.

To be continued…

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