Church Split

by Mary O'Bryan on March 24, 2011

I have always heard that term ‘church split’ but I have never  been involved in one. 25 years ago we left a church. No one left but us. Technically a ‘church split’ would  have to significantly reduce the number of members and everyone would leave for the same reason.

One fourth of the families have left the church after finding out about the church secret. Those families are now churchless. Those families are in shock. Those families now have to either never go to church again, watch it on TV, or begin the awful process of finding a new church home. UGH!

My emotions range from deep, deep hurt to loud anger because of what has happened to ME. As Mother of the Bride I am entitled to be self-centered during this time in my life. It is NOT about the Bride. It is about ME. It is about MY guest list. It is about MY night. And you are asking “What does the ‘church split’ have to do with the wedding?” Everything. Do I invite people to the wedding that now shun me for leaving the church? Do I invite people to the wedding that believe that the church secret is insignificant? Do I invite people to the wedding that have chosen to believe a lie about the secret? If they believe the lie about the secret it means that they do NOT believe the truth that we are telling them. They choose to believe the lie over the truth. God will reveal the truth to them eventually, but probably not in time to get on my guest list.

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