Agony of the Invitation

by Mary O'Bryan on June 23, 2011

Father of the Bride cares about few things of the wedding. He only asks that the invitation be done properly. Probably because he is a lawyer.

It was the summer of 2004 and a beautiful, smart, Christian young lady had fallen in love with our oldest son. (Miracles do happen!) I drove over to her town to help stuff wedding invitation envelopes. I arrived at her apartment and the fun was to begin. Only one problem…I noticed a misspelled word on the invitation. Do I wear beige and keep my mouth shut or do I point out the mistake? I opted for the latter and she quickly called the printer. It was the printer’s mistake, which never happens. They revised the invitation and the corrected version arrived in about 3 days.

With that in my memory, I had so many people proof the reception invitation, ceremony invitation, reply card, envelopes and map card that I was getting lost keeping score.

I hired someone that I knew could steer me about the proper way it was all to be done: the wording for a reception invite; wording for the ceremony invite going to only relatives (I have 66 in my family!) and the all important Map Card.

The Map Card is essential because today’s bride and groom do not register at the local bridal gift shop. They register online. They have a website that tells all the details of the wedding. The website has links to the hotels and links to the stores where they are registered for gifts. This is why the Map Card is so important. It goes inside  each ‘proper’ invitation. It is the only place that a website is to be printed. Anyone my age reading this that hasn’t done a wedding yet is going to thank me. I got this information from THE invitation expert in the City.

My envelopes should be ready in two days. The addressing will begin. Not by hand…by computer. A week later the invitations will be ready to stuff. I just hope there aren’t any typos.

NOTE: My son has been married 7 years and his wife did not remember the invitation typo… But her mother did!

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