by Mary O'Bryan on October 7, 2010

Two local Bed and Breakfasts are perfect for the wedding party and the grooms family. Fortunately a new Hampton Inn has just been built. The wedding is the same weekend as a statewide competition¬† held here annually so we have got to move fast to reserve rooms. The competition’s organizers don’t know about this new hot spot hotel so I’m hoping to grab it before they do. “Stick with one hotel” is the advice I am getting. Don’t run around town and reserve 20 rooms at each chain hotel but reserve rooms at one. Brides always think more people are coming to their wedding than actually show up and end up canceling rooms. One hotel for all the out of town guests makes for a really fun time for everyone.

You negotiate a rate with the hotel and they do a great job of keeping track of who actually makes a reservation. Guests call and reserve their own room with their credit card so you are not out any money. If more than anticipated reserve a room by a certain date, the hotel allows you to add another block of rooms at the same rate (if you negotiate for that in the beginning).

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